PUBG Event Pass faces Massive Backlash; Here’s Why


The latest update of PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version has now added a first-person perspective to the shooter. This is something that brought a ray of excitement amongst fans all across the world.

With the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 0.6.0, players can now experience a first-person perspective variation to Classic Mode on their mobile screens as well. It now has its own tier system.

On Wednesday, the PUBG Corp. revealed PUBG would get its first Event Pass this Friday on PC with the new map Sanhok. The Event Pass will be a timed event in which players can earn limited-edition customization items. If you are thinking that sort of sounds a lot like Fortnite’s Battle Pass, that’s because it is actually the same as that.

Along with the first-person mode, the season one Royale Pass is available for purchase. It features daily and weekly missions which will earn the players points and the opportunity to earn more crates.

An elite version of the Royale Pass for PUBG mobile is also available and unlocks elite missions which earn even more points and rewards for each additional rank.

Fortnite actually does a damn good job of copying what made Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds good and making it great. Even Epic Games riffed off of PUBG’s success and this cannot be denied. They have time and again utilized several of the same basic concepts that made PUBG the hugest and most amazing game of 2017.

Now PUBG Corporation is returning the favor, and copying some of the things that Fortnite does really well. The tables are turning, it would seem. Innovation these days take place via imitation, flat-out copying, and then repeating on ideas. Fortnite didn't just copy PUBG, it has went on to improved upon it.

One of the ways that Fortnite is leaps and bounds better than PUBG is in its revenue model. While PUBG has floundered with a complex system of loot crates and other botched attempts at creating post-sale revenue, Fortnite has implemented the surprisingly elegant Battle Pass system.

Don’t forget PUBG itself has dealt with a large amount of cheaters and copy cats and this stunt wouldn’t affect, since theirs is a large Corp. In fact, PUBG Corp announced just recently that the game has reached 400 million registered users on PC, Xbox, and mobile combined, with 87 million daily players.

WOAH that’s huge right?


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